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emotional, timeless wedding films for authentic couples

When you watch these wedding films for decades to come, you will feel inspired and reconnected to the love that brought you together.


You will also experience gratitude and appreciation for your friends and family who honored you throughout the celebration.

Agápe Films are poetic masterpieces that focus on the meaningful moments throughout your wedding and will move you to tears

They serve as a kind of soul medicine that will become a cherished memento passed down to future generations. 

Not gimmicky or fast-paced, instead profound, intentional and nostalgic. 

Let’s immortalize the genuine and real connection that will be felt on your wedding day. 

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hi, i'm nico. let's create something meaningful.

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For over 20 years I've been drawn to filmmaking for one primary reason: its power to evoke profound emotion.


I’ve been especially drawn to wedding films because there is a certain magic to seeing ourselves and our closest friends and family depicted cinematically.


We are able to recognize ourselves as the heroes of our own journey, and orient ourselves inside of our community.


This is the day when the people closest to us will be sharing thoughtful words of admiration and reflection. 


It’s all extraordinarily significant and I love capturing it through gorgeous cinematography. 

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what makes agápe films unique? press play to discover 

words of gratitude

"We'll treasure them forever"
And lastly I will just add that one unique thing about Nico is that he really captures the emotion of the day, as opposed to creating a video that just looks cool or feels like an advertisement. They feel personal and meaningful, and we'll treasure them forever! 

Lara & Danny

a film that will move you, over and over again

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