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Santa Barbara
Wedding Videography

Fairytale storytelling that will move you to tears

+About Us

Santa Barbara's boutique wedding filmmaker

Your film will be gorgeous, without a doubt. You will look beautiful. Your friends and family are going to look like movie stars. But Agápe Films are more than visually stunning - they are masterfully edited to showcase the most meaningful and heartwarming moments of the day. Your wedding film will be a timeless work of art.


10+ years experience of wedding videography allows me to capture your day discretely and candidly. This is a wedding first and foremost - not a movie shoot. If and when you do notice me, it's my policy to only contribute positive vibes.

I'm a top rated Santa Barbara wedding videographer. I'm an award-winning filmmaker and graduate of the University of Southern California film school. I was born and raised in Santa Barbara. 

Highlight Films

5-6 minutes of the best of the best of your day, these are easy to share films that will entertain and warm hearts. 

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Feature Films

Usually around 30 minutes long, these films present your wedding in a complete way, so you can re-live the love and joy again and again.

Documentary Films

Carefully crafted together with multiple cameras angles, audio sources, and music, these films will display your ceremony or toasts in their entirety.


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Teaser Films
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Teaser Films

Get a quick feel of the weddings I've captured with 1 minute teaser films. 

Highlight Films

Aren't these weddings simply gorgeous? And don't the words spoken stir your soul?