Nico Constantinides

Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

I'm the person that will be crying as I piece together your film. I'll just be feeling it that much! In fact, all of my editing is guided by a state of the art feeling center - my heart - and that is why your film will be so moving.

I'm a father, and I dream of one day walking my daughter down the aisle and making a toast to her and her beloved. I know how much weddings mean to the attendees. You can trust that I'll be capturing all of the love on your day. The romantic love between you two as the couple, the unconditional love of your friends and family, and the spiritual love that unites us all.

I've been filmmaking since I was 11 and I have a degree from the University of Southern California Film School.  I've been honored to craft wedding films for 7 years now, and I understand what is important about your day. Together, we will create a film that is deeply meaningful.