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Nico Constantinides

Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

I’ve been filmmaking for over two decades, with a focus on wedding films for about half that time. I’m passionate about capturing the candid beauty of the wedding day, from the love of the couple to the smiles of children to the sun peeking in through the trees. 

Half the magic is in the editing. I do all of the editing for Agápe Films. That’s why each film is a special masterpiece, where the most meaningful moments of the day are woven together with emotionally compelling music to make something that will captivate and ultimately move you. 

I also understand that it is a wedding first, and a “film” second. I remain as unobtrusive as possible. Many couples remark that they barely notice my presence the day of, and yet are astonished with how much I was able to capture.

If you resonate with the style of the films you see in my portfolio, please reach out!

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