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Santa Barbara's Most Loved Wedding Videographer

"If you want a quality video from the happiest day of your life then look no further. Every video, including ours, he has produced is magical and captures the love, romance, and raw emotions of the day. Nico- THANK YOU for creating something my husband and I will cherish forever!"
"Nico sent our highlight film on my birthday and it was by far, the greatest birthday present a girl could ever ask for. I cried and still cry every single time I watch it, and I watch it a lot. It's hard not to when it's truly that amazing."
"The filming and editing of our wedding film was documented in such a cinematic way that we felt like celebrities. Our wedding video is so good that our entire family has watched it a million times with us."
"Nico created an amazing video that gives us a bit of everything and exactly what I wanted."
"I loved that Nico was also a cinematographer because I could not have edited our highlight reel like he had. We were on the fence about having a videographer because our budget was inflated enough but it didn't even feel like a splurge after discussing Nico's reasonable rates - he's worth every penny!!"
"When I was researching videographers, Nico was super responsive, professional and took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions (and there were a lot!) -- something every bride can appreciate. I also liked how calm and easygoing he was on my wedding made the entire experience that much more enjoyable!"
"Our video turned our PERFECT and captured all the moments we wanted, those that were a blur during the day, and those a still shot just can’t do justice. Our video was exactly what we wanted and more and Nico was so easy to work with!! We’ve watched it liked 100 times in a month, no joke, and will be something we cherish forever!!"
"My husband and I used Agapé Films for our wedding in Santa Barbara and are beyond happy with the final results.  On the wedding day itself the two videographers were very professional and easy to work with, they got all the sweet moments but weren't in your face about it." 
"I can't tell you how many times I have watched my own, I am so in love with it. Other people who did not attend said they even cried watching!"
"Nico and his team went above and beyond on our special day. The films he made of our wedding gave me goosebumps, and I've probably rewatched them a million times. It was an absolute pleasure working with him..."
- Alex
"They were stealthy, allowing us and our guests to be ourselves and the video shows that authenticity. The artistic elements of his video style were what drew me to pick Agape Films..."
"Nico was so great! We met Nico and knew right away we hit gold. I watched almost all of the videos on his website and cried on every one."
"I got married in Santa Barbara and I am so glad we went with Nico to do our wedding films. He was a true pleasure to work with and really captured the most special, intimate moments of our wedding"
"As a person who loves to watch wedding videos, I knew I wanted a company that had smooth transitions, was easy to work and of course -  produced videos that I felt truly captured the feelings of the wedding. I'm happy to say, that was exactly what it was like working with Nico."
"Nico provided videography services for our wedding day and the video was absolutely stunning!"
"The man really is a top notch talent who surely won't be making wedding videos forever, so if you're lucky enough to be able to book him for your event/project, I definitely suggest you do so!"
"Nico is an amazing filmmaker and storyteller! He was really easy to work with, and super collaborative with the process."
"Thank you Nico and Agape films ! You and your team created our dream cinematic short film. Your artistry and eye for capturing magical moments is evident in our video."
"Nico helped capture the best day of our lives thus far and created a beautiful, timeless highlight video that my husband and I still watch together and get goosebumps remembering that day."
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